Vanessa Hudgens Shape Magazine Cover

Tuesday, 15 March 2011
As well as the Renne Olstead naked cell phone pics and topless webcam stills that were leaked all over the internet yesterday, a bunch of new Vanessa Hudgens naked and lesbian kissing with teen friends photos emerged too. I've decided not to post them here as it now looks very unlikely that these ones are of her - and real naked photos of Vanessa are not exactly hard to find (although since her lawyers a little spikey when it comes to blogs posting them you won't be finding those here either) - so you'll just have to make do with her appearance on the front cover of Shape in her skimpy bikini.

Vanessa Hudgens Shape Magazine Cover


Well I was wrong. The Vanessa photos are real. They are from the same stash of photos as the first two leaks. Seems whoever has hold of them likes to release a few just as she's about to star in a major film.

Even though they are now confirmed genuine I still won't be posting them. The last time this happened in 2009 Vanessa sued the original blog that put them up and letters or emails were sent out to every other blog who then went on to post them to have them removed. If only there was some kind of website where you could type in someone's name then search the whole internet for images ...

Vanessa Hudgens at Mr. Skin


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