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Wednesday, 9 February 2011
I don't suppose I have any regular readers left, but on the off-chance I still do I thought I'd let you all (both) know that CelebSkin will return from this Monday.

The reason for my absence is that my six year old Dell tower exploded last November and my internet access has been limited to my phone since then - and I didn't really fancy trying to run this blog off that.

This week I released some cash from one of my numerous off-shore bank accounts and bought a new PC. Right now I'm in the process of salvaging what I can from my old PC along with all the usual crap you have to do when you get a new computer. Hopefully that will be done by the weekend and I'll be good to go Monday.

So how many upskirts, nip slips, drunken rampages, sex tapes, photo spreads and Lindsay Lohan arrests have I missed since I've been away?


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