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Wednesday, 18 August 2010
Well ..... maybe not, but within a week or two (five at the most) we will be open for all the usual Z-list celebrity photos, wallpapers and videos that are already covered in much better blogs than this one will ever be.

Before we go completely live I'll be adding some archive from some of the celeb blogs I've ran (and given up on) before as well as doing all the usual half-assed backend stuff, setting up a template that only 1,500 other blogs use, getting the links/sponsors/sidebar set up and when that's all done getting off blogger and onto our own url.

So if the blog seems to change colour and style every time you look at a new page or if five years worth of Lindsay Lohan wallpapers appear from seemingly nowhere then you know the reason why. Fingers crossed by September the something (July 2011 at the latest) CS will be posting daily updates. Bare with us.


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